• Image of Hydrangea Garden by the Sea

This is a giclee print of my original painting of a woman gazing at a hydrangea garden by the sea at night.

Printed on acid-free fine art paper using a professional gallery grade printer, it has very similar definition and texture to the original art.

The paper is mould made from 100% rag (cotton) and has a neutral pH value - therefore the print will last longer without yellowing or crumbling.

The ink used is pigment-based, which gives clearer and lasting colour than dye-based ink.

This work is shipped unframed with sturdy backing board. It is best framed behind glass and out of direct sunlight.

The size of the print is 21x21cm(approx. 8x8").

Please leave the name of your choice in the buyer's note as you place the order.

If you wish to order this print in different size, or have any questions, please contact me.

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